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Garage Door Repair Springfield

Regularly cleaning the tracks and oiling the rollers of your garage door is not enough to keep it well-maintained. What’s more, it is better to have a professional maintain it for you or you might end up with larger garage door repair Springfield bills. Don’t worry, just call (571) 447-9835 and our garage door specialists will be at your door shortly.  

Is your garage door not opening properly? There might be something wrong with its motor. Have a technician check your garage door immediately before the problem gets worse. It’s always more prudent to call in a garage door repair specialist from Springfield instead of trying to fix the system on your own. 
That said, you should also check the remote control before you call in a technician. The problem might be very simple—something you can fix yourself. Here are some things you can do:
Get closer. Maybe your remote is out of range and the receiver can pick up the signal.
Check the antenna. The antenna of the motor should be hanging down, not up or sideways.
Try the wall switch. If the wall switch is working fine, then the problem is with the remote. More often than not, you just need to replace the batteries.
Reprogram. If you have already replaced the batteries and it still won’t work, you’ll need to reprogram the remote.
Reprogramming a remote can be confusing. Don’t worry—Anchor Garage Door Services can reprogram and fix it for you. We can also offer other garage door repair services in Springfield and surrounding areas. If you think the motor isn’t doing its job or the receiver malfunctions too much, we can offer long-lasting solutions or install new units. To get a quotation, please fill up the contact form here on our website. Anchor Garage Door Services can also be reached by phone at (571) 447-9835.

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